DIY French Tip Two Tone Shoes

This week I was excited and inspired by two DIY’s I saw that had to do with shoes. The one was Love Meagans post about color block shoes done with nail polish and the other Chriselle’s one about two tone french tip shoes. Chriselle used paint though but to me it seemed a lot easier to use Meagans idea of using nail polish! This is such a fun and very easy way to spruce up your shoes on the cheap!

I am not the best at explaining things in writing so let me know if you would like to see a DIY video on this!

What you will need:

Closed toe heeled pumps or boots (basically any style that has a closed front bit)
Nail polish of your choice
Cello tape or masking tape

How to do it:

Cut two pieces of cello tape and stick it on the front of your shoes as far as you want the tip to be. (try and get it even and the same on both sides, measure it if you are not sure)
Start painting with the polish in an even layer on both shoes and let it dry.
When it is dry (it took about 5 min on my shoes) give it another coat
If it looks opaque (this has to do with the consistency of the nail polish you are using) then wait until its dry and carefully start peeling off the cello tape.
Check if there are any bits that need to be filled in and do it with a really small brush or toothpick (mine were perfect so no need)
Strut your stuff in your new fab shoes!

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