DIY – Felt Heart Elbow Patches

I have been promising this DIY the whole week and at last I have had time to edit it so I can post! I love arm patches although you dont get a lot of stores that sell sweaters with them at the moment so I definitely thought a cute DIY was in order!

What you will need: 
1. A jersey or cardigan you dont mind stitching something on!
2. Some felt
3. Scissors
4. Thick thread and a needle
5. Pins
6. Cut out heart shape

How to: 
1. Trace hearts onto felt and cut out
2. Put thread in needle (single thread with a knot at the end)
3. Pin the felt heart onto the elbow area of your jersey or cardigan
4. Starting from the inside of the arm stitch the heart onto the jersey evenly (watch video to see how i do it)

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