Best Women’s Sunglasses 2022


Sunglasses are not only meant for protection from the sun but have also been used as a style statement from time immemorial. While many women might admit that they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV radiation, all of us know that they are also used to elevate our styles. It pulls together even a basic outfit and gives a stylish look. Many women even wear sunglasses to prevent eye contact with people in public. Whatever the use case, there are always the best ones in the market for specific occasions.

When choosing sunglasses, it is essential to ensure that they serve your purpose, are trendy, and suit your face shape.

If you’re lost with so many options in the market, we have made it easy for you. We have narrowed down the best sunglasses for women in 2022. Have a look and choose the best one based on your needs!

Classic cat eye shades

Classic cat eye shades

Classic cat eye sunglasses never went out of trend. It has always been in the market because of the exotic look it gives the woman wearing it. They have also been the dominating pieces because they are slightly oversized. Cat-eyed sunglasses best suit heart-shaped faces with wide foreheads and narrow cheeks.

Oval shaped

If you are looking for a supermodel-approved look, your search ends here. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been rocking this look recently, and they provide a 90’s inspired look that looks especially great on women with square faces.



2022 is the year for the increase in the popularity of oversized sunglasses. This is the best option if you wish to hide half of your face. Women of any facial structure can opt for this look and look like a queen.

Tinted Glasses

Tinted sunglasses have recently gained so much popularity that they are worn by celebrities, even during indoor events. It is because of the classy look imparted by them. Although music videos of the 2000s inspire them, they have iconic pieces again in recent times.

Square Glasses

They are in trend because of their popularity by Instagram influencers and can be rocked by every woman and every style. It is an exquisite piece that can be good with any ensemble—this style best suits round and oval-shaped faces, which tones up the facial features.

Small rectangular frames

This style is opposite to the oversized trend, yet it is popular in the fashion market. It is suited for oval-shaped and small faces. This style is also popular among Instagram influencers.


Due to sunglasses’ increasing popularity, men and women are inclined to try new styles and frames every summer. If you’re also looking for sunglasses that suit your personality and facial structure, check this list and buy the best ones!

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