Great Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Gifts

Homemade Gifts

Gifts are marks of sentiments that speak volumes about the relationship between two individuals. As good as it sounds, sending expensive or lavish gifts to your loved ones could also burn holes in your pocket. But that is not always true, as there are many DIY ideas for making a gift for another person. It is both a cheap and thoughtful option, as it adds a personal touch to the item.

Here are some thoughtful ideas for inexpensive gifts anyone can make at home and on all occasions.

DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows

Pillows are an excellent option for gifting as they are fluffy and warm. If you love sewing and have old sweaters or fluffy clothes lying around your house, try making a pillow by stuffing wool or cotton inside them. Once you’re proficient in making one, you can use it as a great gift option.

Wall Art

If the recipient loves arts, this is one of the best gift options for them. You could buy art pieces and get them framed. If you’re an artist, you can sketch/draw /paint personal messages and frame them. It is also an intimate gift option for couples and also for parents.

Paper Tote

It is an excellent gift for women as women use tote bags for shopping and other purposes. A DIY paper tote bag is a versatile gifting option. If you’re skeptical of the idea of a paper bag, you can also use wool or other fabrics to make a reusable bag.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes
Wind chimes can be a lovely gifting option for housewarming ceremonies as they are meant to bring positive energy into your home. It is easy to make as it involves tying certain elements and materials into a cord, and it can also be a great addition to the patio or backyard. You can also make it further attractive by adding bells and statement pieces.

Scented candles

They’re exclusive and chic gifting pieces when done right. If you personally know them well, you can research their favorite scent and incorporate it into the candle. You can add a few bath salts to make a spa gift package.

Clay keychains

Clay keychains are the most affordable gifting pieces; you only need to buy clay and some paint. To make an inexpensive and beautiful piece, you can experiment with colors and tones.


The expense of making costers depends on their material, and it can be as easy as clay costers or resin coasters. However, once done right, they are an excellent gifting option.

Coupon Book

This gift has no bar for age or gender. Who doesn’t love coupons? Collect valid coupons, make a personalized book, and gift them to your mother, sister, brother, or even your daughter. They will love it!

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